The Pod Paste Process Overview

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If you are thinking about creating a podcast, congratulations! Why congratulations? Well, besides the fact that podcasting is pretty damn cool, you have taken the first step into being a creator. Creators are cool because they are okay with failure. Failure is the only way to success. It’s like a scientist seeking data points to prove or disprove their hypothesis.

Outside of the creator/failure/success philosophical loop that we love to talk about here at Pod Paste, there is another element to creating. That element is the process. Most things that we like to do have a process whether you know it or not.

Within that process, there is usually consistency, habits, systems, templates, and routines. This process can be different for different people but we like to follow a tried and true process when we help people create their podcasts.

The Process

A super quick overview of each part is below and if you are interested we go into depth on each part in separate posts located at the end of this. Obviously, like most things in the world that we offer, you can go sequentially or bounce around a la carte style to whatever interests you.

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